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Weekend Highlights: November 28, 2017; Midweek Update: November 26, 2014; Vol. 3, No. 45, November 24, 2014

Weekend Highlights Posted; Read "Thanks for the Light" by Norman Rockwell

Pub Note-2-11-24

This image was taken by GOES East at 1445Z on November 18, 2014.                               

Pub Note-1-11-24

Lake effect snow storms this early in the season are rare. Well, this is what happened in Buffalo, NY, recently. Some may explain this away as due to Climate Change (aka Global Warming). Well, you decide.

Heavy snow was forecast for downwind areas of the Great Lakes region from Tuesday into Wednesday with the eastern shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario seeing impressive snow totals greater than 18 inches in limited bands near Fredonia and Watertown, New York. Buffalo area got 48 inches of snow.

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in North America, a time to get into sports, feast on Turkey, and go shopping. SEU may also slow down a bit, but we will keep you informed.

A few weeks ago, Smart Energy Universe revamped the layout for articles in the Oil and Gas category and is grouping articles together in the following areas:

  • Pipelines
  • Exploration and Production
  • LNG/Shale
  • Financials/Operations

This has made it faster to locate articles in the area readers are looking for. We continue to receive positive responses on this change.

Similarly, the restructured Renewables and Smart Grid sections are presenting articles in specific sub-groups. This has made it useful convenient to our readers. Similarly, SEU is planning to restructure Utility News Category and rearrange news items appropriate to this Category. You will be informed soon when we make this change.

As before, this week’s edition of Smart Energy Universe features all our popular features:

This Week in Climate Change –Climate Change continues to make headlines. We are bringing some news items on Climate Change which may be of interest to our readers.

“Editor’s Choice” has the ‘Feature Articles’ highlighted in green to make them easy find. To read the articles click on the Spotlight or appropriate Category Button this will take you to the page with the Spotlight or Feature Articles. Be sure to read Editors Choice to catch up with the top happenings of the week.

SEU’s Smart Energy Virtual Townhall: Each week, SEU selects a news topic and asks our readers for their opinion. Please visit facebook.com/smartenergyuniverse to register your views and comments. Poll results of the last week’s SEU Question of the Week deals with the Question: “With the new Republican majority in both Houses of Congress, (a) Will the U.S. be able to approve Keystone Pipeline?; (b) Will the U.S. backoff on EPA proposal to limit power plant emissions?” (Spotlight)

SEU “Viewpoint”:This week’s ViewPoint deals with “Politics of Climate Change”, and gives SEU views on this controversial topic. Keep your minds open.

There are many topics covered in the Spotlight articles.

Other news items involve (a) New George Washington National Forest Plan unveiled, with plans for fracking included ; (b) California joins lawsuit against BP for ripping the State off up to $300 million; (c) FERC Enforcement Division releases report, many companies penalized with over $25 million in civil penalties; (d) U.K. smart meter program delayed again, DCC asks for delay; (e) Challenges facing Department of Homeland Security (DHS); (g) Establishment and Operation of a Market Stability Reserve in the EU, using GHG emission trading scheme.

Of course, there are many more important news items. Don’t miss any of them. You can find them in Spotlight section or in “feature” articles in each category.

New George Washington National Forest Plan Balances Multiple Uses including fracking: The plan revises the 1993 plan, as required by the National Forest Management Act, and contains guidance for managing nearly 1.1 million acres of national forests in Virginia and West Virginia. Allows fracking but says there is not much oil or gas based on surveys. (Spotlight)

FERC 2014 Report on Enforcement: Staff obtained settlements resulting in almost $25 million in civil penalties and disgorgement of $4 million in unjust profits. (Spotlight)

UK Smart Meter Program Seems to Delayed Again; DCC asks for Delay: DCC’s primary focus over this period has been working with DECC, SEC Parties (Parties), meter manufacturers, Service Providers and other stakeholders to finalize the requirements for the DCC service as set out in the Smart Energy Code (SEC) and create a stable set of underlying technical specifications upon which the service is built. During this period there have been significant levels of change to both the SEC and underlying technical specifications which has required DCC to accommodate additional requirements and re-design core components of the systems that support the service. (Spotlight)

Challenges Facing the Department of Homeland Security: Infrastructure Protection, Cybersecurity, and Insider Threat Cybersecurity risks, especially intrusions into critical infrastructure areas, pose serious economic and national security challenges for our Nation. IG Report has identified major challenges that affect both the Department as a whole, as well as individual components. (Spotlight)

Establishment and Operation of a Market Stability Reserve in the EU:   EU is consideringadoption of proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the establishment and operation of a market stability reserve for the Union greenhouse gas emission trading scheme (Spotlight)

California Joined a Lawsuit against BP, Originally Started by a Former Employee: California joined a whistleblower lawsuit against British energy giant BP, originally started by a former employee, that charges the company ripped the state off for up to $300 million between 2004 and 2012 in gas overcharges. (Spotlight)

Sunlighting: The Future of Energy-Efficient Building Design: OpEd article from Michelle Mossman, Cofounder of SunCentral:Using a combination of new technologies, the beauty and benefits of sunlighting can be conveyed throughout a building, even in spaces that are far away from windows. (Spotlight)

In the Utilities section, one sees a trend in critical comments pouring into EPA on its Clean Power Plan from Utilities and Power Aggregators; Utilities consolidating their businesses globally (Gas Natural Fenosa); FERC very much involved in planning for the Winter Heating Season; G20 Energy Efficiency Action Plans.


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