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  • COP-21 Begins in Paris on Monday; SEU will Bring you Updates
  • Abengoa Files for Bankruptcy (Spotlight)
  • U.S. Oil and Gas Reserves Rise in 2014 (Spotlight)
  • Nuclear Energy Vital to COP-21 (Spotlight)
  • Chancellor Osborne Reveals U.K. Spending Plan (Spotlight)
  • U.K. Releases 5th Carbon Budget (Utility News)
  • Allianz Phasing Out Coal (Oil and Gas)
  • VW Diselgate Problems Expand  (Smart Grid)
  • Smart Meter Security in Holland (Smart Grid)
  • Obama Reveals 2016 GHG Targets (Renewables)
  • U.K. Cities Pledge to Go Green (Renewables)
  • Ontario Climate Strategy (Renewables)
  • Itron Smart Meters Get Safety Certification (Smart Grid)

Publishers Note

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Vol.4, No.48, November 29, 2015


Le Bourget Mairie 2

Le Bourget, Site of the COP-21 Climate Change Conference in Paris

This is the week that was in smart energy news.

Publisher's Note gets you started. The website has a lot more smart energy news that you will find interesting. Follow us closely the next two weeks as SEU bring you the latest news from COP-21.


COP-21 begins in Paris on Monday in Paris and lasts for 2 weeks. Attention of the whole world is focused on COP-21. There is expectation that the Conference will arrive at a decision among the countries to combat Climate Change. SEU has been covering many key pre-COP news events and analyses.

To successfully reduce carbon emissions, nations must embrace a prominent role for nuclear energy: Renewables cannot reduce global emissions to a significant extent.

Globally, nuclear power plants provide one-third of all zero-carbon electricity.

Nuclear Energy Vital to COP21 Climate Goals: (Spotlight)

Majority of Americans say it is important to reach an agreement in Paris to limit global warming: 43% say reaching an agreement is very or extremely important

Yale Survey on Climate Change: (Renewable)

The notion of a ‘pause’ or ‘hiatus’ demonstrably originated outside the scientific community: There is no demonstrable proof that global warming is in a hiatus stage, experts claim.

No Substantive Evidence for ‘Pause’ in Global Warming: (Renewable)

The voice of Africa is crucial to ensure the success of COP21, said AfDB: Africa is particularly vulnerable to climate change, yet it produces only 4 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases

Global Climate Deal Could Transform Africa’s Progress: (Spotlight)

The European electricity sector believes that decarbonization is essential to guarantee the long-term sustainability: EURELECTRIC stressed that market based mechanisms, such as carbon markets, are the most effective tool for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions

EURELECTRIC Calls for a Robust Climate Change Agreement: (Renewable)

Paris pledges can reduce the probability of extreme levels of warming beyond 4°C: Further tightening of INDC mitigation efforts can lead to controlling global warming under 20C

Can Paris Pledges Avert Severe Climate Change: (Renewables)

Pope called for the need to adopt low-carbon energy systems and end the "throw-away culture" that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions: COP21 represents an important stage in the process of developing a new energy system which depends on a minimal use of fossil fuels

Pope Francis Calls for Strong Climate Agreement during Nairobi Visit: (Renewables)

U.K. Spending Plan

The plan increases Scotland’s grant, oil and gas subsidies, limited renewable subsidies, and increase for defense and Cyber-Security: The development and sale of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles will continue to be supported, but at a slow pace.

DECC’s day to day resource budget will fall by 22%, as will onshore wind subsidies

Chancellor George Osborne's Spending Review Speech: (Spotlight)

Fifth Carbon Budget

U.K. should commit to an emissions reduction of 57% by 2028-2032, said the report: Emissions have reduced by 36% on 1990 levels and if current policies are effective will be down by 43-46% in 2020.

The Carbon budget deals with steady emissions reductions equivalent to 2% per year from 1990-2014, 3% per year from 2014-2030 and 4% per year from 2030-2050.

CCC Releases Fifth Carbon Budget: (Utility News)

Over 50 UK cities have pledged to run solely on green energy by 2050: London would join the likes of Copenhagen, New York City and Copenhagen by pledging to go 100 % green

UK Cities Pledge to Go Green: (Renewables)


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