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  • Global Energy Subsidies of $5 Trillion Too High; Hurting Economies (Spotlight)
  • National Security Implications of Energy Export Policy (Spotlight)
  • Hydropower Contributes to Larger Share of Global Renewable Power (Spotlight)
  • Mystery Oil Spill in the Gulf (Spotlight)
  • BOEM Director Defends Arctic Drilling (Oil and Gas)
  • Wind Energy Opportunity in all 50 States (Spotlight)
  • Senate Passes Trade Authority (Smart Grid)
  • Analysis of EPA Clean Power Plan (Utility News)
  • Alaska Hubbard Glacier is Thickening (Spotlight)
  • Connected Home Technology Priorities (Spotlight)
  • BOEM Approves Shell's Arctic Drilling Plan (Oil and Gas)

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Midweek Update: May 27, 2015; Vol. 4, No. 21, May 25, 2015

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Too often the meaning of Memorial Day gets lost in the used car sales and mattress commercials. This year, four Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will be carrying the names of the fallen on flags to the top of Denali. the tallest peak in North America. The flags will be proudly flown on Memorial Day over all of North America in honor of their sacrifice. We need you to help us raise awareness, join us in your community, and help contribute to the mission, taking back Memorial Day!

This is the week that was in Smart Energy New that was in Smart Energy News

Tax code more beneficial to overseas IT companies; 40% less tax burden on Foreign IT                  Companies            

Many state and local governments offer incentives or “preferential regimes” in order to attract foreign investment.; Foreign IT Companies in U.S. Pay Lower Taxes than American Counterparts (Smart Grid)

Hydroelectric continues to be important component of renewables; Will reach 2000 GW by 2050              

Global hydroelectric power market, which already represents 76% of all renewable global energy, 2,000GW capacity by 2050; Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council, said: “The future lies in the opening up of new markets through cross-border trade and power pools. Hydroelectric Power Important Component of Global Power (Spotlight)

Mystery Oil leak in Gulf ongoing for decade: There is a steady oozing out of accident site in excess of over 100 gallons a day

It covers an area of 15.4 square kilometers. on average, this slick is only 1 micron thick. That amounts to 264 gallons per square kilometer. To leak volume is 100 times more than what Coast Guard has admitted; Mystery Oil Spill in the Gulf (Spotlight)

Electrobras delays filing its annual report with SEC: Delay caused by alleged payments to the CEO of Electrobras Thermo Nuclear.

Starting in 2016, Eletrobras will no longer be able to count on these cash flow sources; Electrobras Delays Filing Annual Report With SEC (Utility)

Vancouver sees oil spill danger by Kinder Morgan Pipeline: City study shows the volume of possible oil spill is enough to cause major eco-damage

Kinder Morgan Canada applied to the National Energy Board (NEB) to expand its Trans Mountain Pipeline system to triple its capacity; Spill Modelling Shows Up To 90% of Oil in Salish Sea Could Wash Up On Shores (Oil and Gas)

Utilities challenged by new energy paradigm: Need for more robust climate deal is fueling the transition to renewables.

Sustainability/cleaner energy moving up from 61% of their focus in the trilemma now to 81% in just five years; Energy Trilemma Emphasis Shift Towards Sustainability By 2020 (Utility News)

El Nino may impact weather in 2015: Floods, droughts, heat waves and cold seasons for different regions around the world and can even raise global temperatures

The consequences of El Nino are much less clear for Europe and the UK.; El Niño and Its Impact on Global Weather (Renewable)

China and Brazil to work with BASIC countries towards COP-21: Developed countries should raise their pre-2020 emission reduction targets; fulfill the commitment of providing to developing countries 100 billion dollars per year by 2020.


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