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Midweek Update: July 23, 2014 Vol. 3, No. 27, July 21, 2014

Federal Energy Commission Initiates Rulemaking on 3 Reliability Standards; Read in Spotlight Section

Australia Scraps Carbon Tax; Read in Spotlight Section

Levi’s® Stadium the First Venue of its Kind in the U.S. Eligible for LEED Gold Certification as New Construction -Sustainable energy generation goal is to meet power demands for all 49ers regular season home games .


Source: NRG Energy

NRG Energy, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority and the San Francisco 49ers celebrated the completion of the NRG Solar Terrace as well as the photovoltaic (PV) solar systems for the three NRG Energy Bridges at Levi’s® Stadium, making it the first stadium in the United States that is home to a professional football team with LEED certification standards incorporated into the original design and architecture. Among the installations are solar panels expected to generate enough energy annually to offset the power consumed at the stadium during 49ers regular season home games, with the goal to achieve a “net zero” energy use.

“The vision for an energy-efficient and visually-stunning stadium has been realized”

Levi’s Stadium will be powered with assistance from a 375 kW solar installation, comprised of more than 1,150 solar panels along the NRG Solar Terrace and three NRG Energy Bridges. SunPower supplied its high efficiency, E20/327-watt solar panels for the NRG Energy Bridges and the NRG Solar Terrace. Serving as the main entry and exit avenues to the stadium, the bridges showcase the customizable design of NRG renewable solutions and will provide shade on warm game days. The bridges also serve as inspiration for anyone seeking sustainable energy solutions for themselves on a smaller-scale.

This week SEU is continuing with the very popular new feature – This Week in Climate Change –find it in the Spotlight section.This section has a Roundup of some of the articles reporting on Climate Change in this weeks’ Smart Energy Universe. A brief synopsis is presented in this section. Please go on to read the complete articles for details

“Editor’s Choice” has the ‘Feature Articles’ highlighted in green to make them easy find. To read the articles click on the Spotlight or appropriate Category Button this will take you to the page with the Spotlight or Feature Articles. Please be sure to read Editors Choice to catch up with the top happenings of the week.

SEU’s Virtual Town Hall Question this week asks “The Western U.S. has been experiencing a severe drought for several years. Given the need for saving water, should the Government get involved in regulating water resources required for fracking/drilling?” Read the responses to get the industry pulse on the issue. (Spotlight)

SEU “Viewpoint” :This week’s Viewpoint discusses European Energy Security Situation and Solutions- a timely issue that is in the forefrontof discussions for solutions among regulators, utility companies and consumers.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) held its monthly Commission meeting and issued several Notices of Proposed Rulemaking:

Federal Energy Commission Adopts Utility Infrastructure Reliability Standards; Issues Rulemaking(Spotlight):FERC took further steps to enhance the physical security for the most-critical Bulk-Power System facilities and reduce the overall vulnerability of the grid to attacks. In a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR), FERC proposed to approve the physical security Reliability Standard (CIP-014-1) submitted by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and to direct NERC to develop two modifications.

Federal Energy Commission Directs Several Utilities to Revise Methods used in Rate Filings/Tariffs (Spotlight) –Several actions by the Commission involved proposed Commission-initiated investigations of whether the formula rate protocols, or formula rates which lack protocols, of certain public utilities are sufficient to ensure just and reasonable transmission rates. FERC posted on its website FERC staff’s general guidance for electric utilities’ annual formula rate updates to address common deficiencies that have impeded the ability to review the updates and verify that rates are consistent with the formula. In separate orders, the Commission directed two utilities to propose formula rate protocols and four others to revise their protocols or explain why they should not be required to do so.

NERC Strategic Plan 2014-2017(Utility/Spotlight - NERC continues its focus on the changing risk landscape from conventional risks (such as extreme weather and equipment failures) to new and emerging risks in the security arena. New in 2014, NERC and the Regional Entities agreed to implement four overarching performance metrics designed to assess the overall effectiveness of the enterprise in addressing risk to the BES and improving BES reliability. These metrics concentrate on achieving reliability results, assuring standards and compliance effectiveness, and improving risk mitigation and program execution.

Australia Repeals Carbon Tax (Renewables/Spotlight): The Australian Senate voted 39-32 to repeal the nation's controversial tax on greenhouse-gas emissions. The tax, first passed in 2011, had charged people roughly $23 for every ton of carbon-dioxide they emitted from oil, coal, or gas. Australian Prime Minister Abbott did not wait long to share the news, releasing a statement titled “The Carbon Tax is gone!” “This is great news for Australian families and for our nation’s small businesses,” he said. Article features responses from different factions on their views on this issue.


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